NCS Med School

The NCS Med School was set up to provide a dedicated service to those students who aspire to study medicine, dentistry and veterinary science at some of the world’s leading universities.

With students securing over 100 medicine and dentistry offers every year, NCS Med School has quickly established a local and national reputation for supporting students with their applications.  The NCS Med School consists of a team of dedicated experts and is ably led by Ms Gates, who is the Director of Medical and Dentistry Admissions.

The NCS Med School is absolutely amazing. They help with every single step of the medical application process. - Rafiah
NCS students receive/participate in:
  1. Guaranteed work placements with some of leading consultants in London at some of the most high profile Hospitals and private Dental Practices.
  2. BMAT & UCAT training delivered in house by experts who support students achieve exceptional scores.
  3. Information and guidance on all the major medicine and dentistry schools, ranging from course structure to interview style questions.
  4. Panel and Mini Mock Interview (MMI) practice, led by medics and undergraduates who either sit on interviewing panels or have a deep knowledge of the process.
  5. Workshops delivered by undergraduates studying at leading universities providing application support/advice and insight into the key topics/issues facing the NHS and medical/dental profession.
  6. Routine visits by Medicine/Dentistry Admission tutors to provide NCS students with information and guidance on how to make a competitive application.
  7. Opportunities to participate in weekly events run by the MedSoc & DentSoc.
  8. Weekly Oxbridge tutorials for students applying to study medicine at Oxford or Cambridge.

The Student’s View On NCS Med School

The NCS Med School give us accounts for a website called Medify and that was the best thing for the UCAT. Normally you would have to pay for that account but The NCS provides it to us for free. - Khadija
NCS Students On A Work Experience Week In An NHS Hospital
NCS Students On A Work Experience Week In An NHS Hospital
The NCS Med School provided me with work placements in an NHS Hospital. I got to shadow junior doctors and registrars. Seeing surgery and being in A&E really opened my eyes to the world of medicine. - Juanita

NCS Med School Alumni

Admitting to many “tribulations” in his pre-undergraduate studies, Lukenny also talks warmly of how The NCS nurtured and taught him the rewards of working hard in an environment that housed other like minded students. He saw that same NCS quality at Imperial College London and after acing his A Levels, decided it would be the perfect place to develop his skills in medicine.
Whilst I had a lot of tribulations at The NCS, it was also one of those things where I would never ever take it back. I learned so much at The NCS. So much more than just books. So much about life. So much of knowing to stick through the tough times. That atmosphere taught me to never give in to the challenges. I would definitely recommend it to any students that want to go far. - Lukenny

What The Media Are Saying About The NCS Med School

Evening Standard
NCS Med School In The Evening Standard

“52 pupils at Newham Collegiate Sixth Form in East Ham have been offered places at leading universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, to study medicine in September.”

Newham Recorder
NCS Med School In The Newham Recorder

“Newham Collegiate runs a dedicated medicine degree access programme which includes work experience placements shadowing doctors, as well as interview prep panels with medics plus masterclasses on applying for Oxbridge and Russell Group universities.”

The Latest NCS Med School News

Lecture Programme
The NCS is privileged to be able to welcome high profile guest speakers from the world of academia and industry to share their knowledge and experiences with NCS students.
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