Curriculum – What you will study

The sixth form centre will offer a purely A Level curriculum, in the core and facilitating subjects recommended by leading universities.

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Sixth Form Courses:

At the NCS, we offer A Levels in various subjects, especially in the specialist areas of Mathematics and the Sciences. A Level requires full commitment to study, both in the Sixth Form and outside of the classroom. If you wish to achieve your full potential you will need to commit considerable time and effort to private study, wider reading and independent research beyond the classroom or laboratory.

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How to Choose your A-Level subjects:

Your choice of A-Levels is a very important decision. A combination of different factors are involved:

  1. A level subjects needed for a particular degree course;
  2. Your interest in a particular subject;
  3. Ability in and aptitude for a subject; and
  4. Subjects which complement each other e.g. Economics, Politics & History

It is vital that you think and research carefully before finalising your decisions and at the NCS we will offer expert guidance and advice on this.

It is obviously important to choose a combination of subjects for your A-Levels that work well together and that maximise your choice of university degrees. Students will generally study 4 AS subjects in their first year and most will continue with 3 or 4 subjects for A level.

A-Level Course details:

In the course guide at the top of this page you will find a list of the A Level Courses that we will be offering. Please read the Information for Applicants for details of specific GCSE grade requirements for studying each A Level subject.

As an academic Sixth Form for students who wish to go on to study at the best universities, the focus of our offer are A Level subjects that the Russell Group and other universities value most.

Our subjects combine well to ensure that our students will have the best opportunities to follow the careers to which they aspire and obviously as a specialist Science and Mathematics Sixth Form we will ensure that our students have the best choices to support applications to study degrees such as Medicine, Dentistry, Finance, Law, Mathematics and the Sciences.

Good luck with your choices!

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