Code Breakers

Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre (The NCS) was set up to provide students with a ‘holistic education’ so that students can access the elite professions.

Whilst most Sixth Forms prepare you for entry to university, The NCS sees its role as much wider than this.  A degree from a competitive university is a pre-requisite and our reputation for securing 95% offers from Russell Group Universities is testament to our expertise and track record in this area.

The NCS Code Breakers Course teaches students the hidden social and corporate codes which exist in the elite professions without which entry to and success in is limited; it is the polish & etiquette that most schools and Sixth Forms overlook.

Watch this clip from the BBC Documentary “Breaking Into The Elite” that demonstrates how these hidden codes affect candidates from less privileged backgrounds.


The NCS Code Breaker Course is broken down into three key elements:

  1. Walking the Walk – Codes for personal image and behaviour; clothes and shoes, hair, smells and fragrances.
  2. Talking the Talk – Codes for speech clarity, conversational grammar, better voice quality.
  3. Taming the Fork – Codes and passwords for table manners and social etiquette, at home, in offices, in restaurants.

A degree from a competitive university + the NCS Code Breakers Course = Professional Success

Polish & Etiquette

What is polish? Why does it matter? Watch this clip from the BBC documentary “Breaking Into The Elite” to find out.


The NCS Code Breakers course will provide you with all the skills required to be the polished candidate that elite professions are looking for. You can read more about the work we’ve been achieving with polish and etiquette in the media articles below:

What The Media Are Saying About Our Code Breakers Course

Evening Standard
Learn Elocution and Etiquette For A Top Job Evening Standard
Daily Mail

‘The NCS’s holistic approach to education means that students from places like Newham can compete and secure the top jobs, but it needs schools to do what the NCS is doing.’

The London Economic

They have now introduced a “finishing school” where students, many of whom are from immigrant backgrounds, learn how to sound more polished and confident and are given the necessary skills to succeed at interview and beyond.


The students are taught how to meet and greet formally, which cutlery to use when fine dining and appropriate conversation topics.

NCS Alumni Excel Thanks To Our Code Breakers Course


Our alumni use the skills we teach them at university and then beyond into their careers. It’s already seeing high successes. This is exemplified by Samiya who was a student in our first cohort.

Watch the video to discover how the experiences and polish The NCS equipped her with have helped her achieve a training contract with one of the world’s largest international law firms.

Your physical and mental health are of vital importance during your studies at The NCS. Learn how we support you with rest, relaxation and creativity.
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