NCS Entry Requirements 2020/21

The NCS curriculum is academically rigorous and challenging, as such places will be offered to applicants who are assessed to meet our minimum entry criteria.  All conditional offers are based on a student’s predicted grades and/or actual GCSE grades submitted on their application form and if administered, entrance tests.

General Criteria

In order to study A Levels, students need a minimum of 56 points from their best 8 GCSEs to include EBacc subjects (vocational courses e.g. BTEC and community languages will not be included in the best 8). Students must also have at least a GCSE grade 6 in English Language and Mathematics to study A levels. If students choose a subject at A level they have not studied at GCSE, their other grades will be taken into consideration (see individual entry requirements for more details).

Individual Entry Requirement Criteria 2020/21

A Level Subject GCSE Grades
Maths 8-9 in Maths
Further Maths 8-9 in Maths
Biology Please see science entry criteria below
Economics 7-9 in Maths + 7-9 in English Language
Government & Politics 7-9 in English Language
Psychology 6-9 in Biology + 7-9 in English Language
English Literature 7-9 in English Language and Literature
History 7-9 in History + 6-9 in English Language
Geography 7-9 in Geography + 6-9 in English Language
Religious Studies 7-9 in Religious Studies + 6-9 in English Language


 Entry requirements for Sciences

If the student wants to study: Minimum entry requirement in GCSEs
Double science GCSE Separate Science Biology


Separate Science Chemistry


Separate Science



Single Biology 77 7-9 6-9 6-9 7-9
Single Chemistry 77 6-9 7-9 6-9 7-9
Single Physics 77 6-9 6-9 7-9 7-9
Biology + Chemistry 88 8-9 8-9 7-9 7-9
Chemistry + Physics 88 7-9 8-9 8-9 7-9
Biology + Physics 88 8-9 7-9 8-9 7-9
All three sciences 88 8-9 8-9 8-9 8-9

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