Meet The NCS Mentors


Our commitment to helping you gain the best placements, positions and futures has led to the establishment of the NCS Mentors Network.

NCS Mentors are highly successful young professionals who have recently graduated from the best universities in the country, so have previously been in your position and know how to succeed. Like you, many of the mentors are from East London and many have been previously supported and guided by the same staff that now teach and shape the learning experience at The NCS. Success in their academic studies and subsequent careers has led them to want to give back to the community they grew up in; providing guidance and mentoring to those young adults making the same choices they once did.

We also work with some of London’s best Universities to support NCS students when it comes to selecting undergraduate courses.  Our strong links with admission tutors ensure out students are receiving the most up to date information and guidance to allow them to make the very best UCAS applications

Expect real world advice from those who are now successfully living their dreams; from how to handle applications and entrance interviews, to studying and living abroad, to guiding you in choices that you can make now to aid your long term career.


Ms Agnes Kamara (Walthamstow School for Girls)

Agnes KamaraWhy have you decided to be an NCS Mentor?
“When you’re considered an able, self-motivated and conscientious student you can sometimes experience a lack of support especially the kind of support that teaches you how to manage external pressures, your own high expectations and your very first setbacks. Learning the hard way, often at university, can be extremely hard. I therefore want to nurture and inspire students who are in the position I was in a few years ago through sharing my experiences and hope to spur them on further, with a more informed understanding of success so that they are better placed to grasp it.”

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Why should students attend The NCS?
“I once heard a great speaker say “when you become the smartest person in your circle, you’ll stop growing”. I had a fantastic school experience and enjoyed learning in mixed ability classes but it wasn’t until I got to Cambridge that I realised that I’d become too comfortable with being one of the smartest people I knew! If you want to be successful you’ve got to learn to thrive in a room full of people like yourself, or even better, those who have gone or will go even further than you. The NCS provides an environment where the most able can learn in a stimulating and challenging environment with the support and tools for development that will mean success not only becomes a reality, but a fulfilling reality. Students will gain the knowledge to progress into their chosen fields as well as the necessary first hand experiences to maintain success by virtue of the learning environment they will grow accustomed to.”

What advice would you give students when choosing their courses?
“Choose at least one subject that you are naturally good at and enjoy. Then choose subjects which are necessary for the career or field that interests you. Lastly choose a subject which will stretch you but you still find interesting- this will ensure you stay motivated when you find it hard. That was my approach, however my chosen field is not directly related. Most subjects will provide the necessary transferable skills employers are looking for but always do your research when it comes to entry requirements so you don’t close doors!”

Agnes’ Academic Achievements:

GCSE Results: 12 GCSEs – 2 A*s (including English) 10 As (including Mathematics)
A Level Grades: English Literature (A*), History (A), Economics (A), Sociology (A*)
University: University of Cambridge, Education with English, 2.1

Current position: Executive Management Trainee at HSBC

Mr Adam Bharucha (Seven Kings High School)

Adam BharuchaWhy have you decided to be an NCS Mentor?
“I vividly remember a conversation I had with the Principal of the NCS during my final parents’ evening of high school. He told me that the following two years would be the toughest I would face and that it was crucial to remain focused and driven. He helped me recognise that the people around me were no longer the benchmark for success; it was in fact the entire nation and I was in a competitive environment and to succeed I needed resilience, drive, ambition and support.

A-level exams are daunting in their own right but the importance of the decisions you have to make during those two years are equally burdensome. Here is where the NCS mentors step in. It is the job of the other mentors and I, to share our experiences during our A-level years with the aim of equipping you with all the information required to make sound judgements which are going to stand you in good stead.

Unlike many I’ve been fortunate to follow a more unusual career path. Directly out of sixth form, I’ve joined a top 4 accounting firm who in addition to paying me a salary, also pay for my tuition fees, with the eventual goal of achieving a degree in accounting and an ACA qualification. I hope that in my role as an mentor, I can provide an alternative perspective to post A-level education; one which involves the world of professional practice as well as study. More and more of the world’s leading companies are calling upon your services… today; a truly exciting time for all sixth form students.”

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Why should students attend The NCS?
“East London is flooded with top talent and high achievers. Although many of us past and present have been fortunate to utilise our talents on the world’s biggest stages, there is an equal amount who have found opportunities to be limited through no fault of their own. I firmly believe that the NCS is the first sixth form to recognise that grades are only half of the story. Getting into a top university or a leading global company is just as much about the sales pitch as having something to sell in the first place. The NCS is equipped with the best teachers, some of which have helped me to the place I am today. They also have a philosophy matched with a clear strategy to create world leaders. Finally, being a new sixth form, every student will have access to the latest technology and equipment; something which I wish I could have had during my A-levels.”

What advice would you give students when choosing their courses?
“Choosing your courses may seem like the be all and end all of your future. However, now on the other side of A-levels I can admit that I possibly made the wrong choices. What I’ve learnt from the A-level experience is that it’s more important to choose subjects that you are able to achieve highly in as these are the same subjects which you later develop a passion for. When choosing subjects, there is a fine line between choosing with your head and your heart. Since A-levels I’ve always gone with a philosophy of choosing with my head which eventually has been the key to a happy heart.

When I chose my subjects, I targeted them so that I could apply for a science based degree, eventually physics. I was gently told that this probably wasn’t where my talents lay. Nevertheless, my love for physics prevailed. Retrospectively, I can say that I have some regrets. I was always a high achiever and suddenly I wasn’t sitting on the pedestal. This was demoralising and as a result didn’t enjoy my choices as much. I’ve been fortunate to pursue accounting which is in the Finance field where I was always most talented. I was lucky enough to have that chance to correct a potential previous mistake. Although this advice may not suit everyone and is possibly not what others would say, it has definitely been the lesson I’ve learnt from making A-level and degree choices.”

Adam’s Academic Achievements:

GCSE Results: 9A*s and 2As
A Level Grades: Maths (A), Chemistry (A), Physics (B), AS Further Maths (A), AS Product Design (A)

Current Role:  Intern on the highly competitive KPMG School Leaver’s Programme

Mr Tanim Zaman (Hainault Forest School)

Tanim ZamanWhy have you decided to be an NCS Mentor?

“The NCS is one of the most exciting projects I have seen in the field of education in the Borough of Newham. I went to a 6th Form in Redbridge which was full of incredibly intelligent, ambitious and hardworking students from Newham and Tower Hamlets. Most of these students were so talented and driven that they became role models for me. I think it is about time they get the high quality post – GCSE education that they deserve, right on their door-step! Furthermore, I feel very passionate about elevating our communities in East London through education and empowering the youth to become movers and shakers of the future. We have so much talent in our communities and we need to propel it as far forward as we possibly can.”

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Why should students attend The NCS?
“Having been highly impressed by its unique vision, which includes becoming the ‘Oxbridge Hub’ of East London, I can confidently say that the NCS is not going to be an ordinary Sixth Form for high achievers. The calibre of the facilities and the teaching staff speaks for itself. Furthermore, there is a vast array of extra enrichment on offer which includes links with leading corporate firms, help with BMAT and UKCAT entry exams, University Preparation Programme and sports. These are all things I dreamt of as a sixth former!

I genuinely believe it is going to be the only place for the top students in the area to achieve their full potential. “

What advice would you give students when choosing their courses?

“The best advice I can give is to choose subjects that you really enjoy, what you are good at and what you need for the university course you are aiming for. It is also advisable to start looking at what is on offer at university and start to narrow down your degree choices. This will help you figure out which A-levels to do. But ensure you don’t pick something you hate! I remember knowing which A-levels I wanted to do back in year 10, since I had my eyes on a particular course at a particular university! If you are not too sure which path to take at university, then keep your options open and stick to what you are confident you can excel in.”

Tanim’s Academic Achievements:

GCSE Results: 7 A*s and 5 As
A Level Grades: Economics (A), Maths (A), French (A), Italian (A), AS Chemistry (A)
University: London School of Economics, BSc Economics (final year)

Work Experience/ Internships: Deloitte, Bloomberg LP, UBS

Mr Jeevan Jyothyprakash (Langdon High School)

Mr Jeevan JyothyprakashWhy have you decided to be an NCS Mentor?

“Having grown up in the East Ham area, I knew the difficulty in finding a Sixth Form which would provide me with the learning environment that I yearned for. When this opportunity to help Newham students came along, I jumped at the chance.

The talent and desire is clear to be seen within students in East London and the NCS now provides the platform for them to flourish and succeed. Having also been taught by some of the teachers now at the NCS I can say that their expertise in their subject area is second to none. Truly inspiring teachers!”


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Why should students attend The NCS?
“I can personally vouch for the quality of teaching and guidance at the NCS after having the pleasure of being taught by some of the high quality teachers in the Sixth Form I attended and my results were really pleasing. The NCS can provide the foundations and guidance needed in the critical years between secondary school and university, where key choices and experiences can shape your career and your life! It’s important that students realise that the teaching staff at the NCS is exceptional I wouldn’t have achieved the results I did without their outstanding understanding of how students learn.”

What advice would you give students when choosing their courses?
“If you’re one of those lucky people that already know what they want in their career, then your A-Level choices pick themselves, with UCAS and personal networks lending a helping hand. However, to keep your options open, focusing on your strengths and interests while keeping a traditional base of subjects will open doors to any career you set your mind to. Make sure to pick one subject that you are good at/enjoy a lot as it will keep you on path when the going gets tough!”

Jeevan’s Academic Achievements:

GCSE Results: 5A*’s, 4A’s, 3B’s
A Level Grades: Mathematics (A), Economics (A), Biology (A), Chemistry (A)
University: London School of Economics, BSc Mathematics and Economics, 1st Class Honours. CFA Level 1

Work Experience/Internships: Deutsche Bank, Nomura, Bloomberg LP

Ms Vanisha Joshi (Seven Kings High School)

Ms Vanisha JoshiWhy have you decided to be an NCS Mentor?
“I have decided to be an NCS mentor as I would love to be able to share my experiences with ambitious and talented young people and support them whilst they make daunting decisions that will impact the rest of their lives. Studying Maths at Warwick has been incredible and having also secured a full scholarship from a leading investment bank I hope I will be able to answer your questions about both university and career choices!”

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Why should students attend The NCS?
“I was lucky enough to be taught and mentored by a number of the incredible teachers at the NCS and can honestly say I would not have achieved what I have today without their support. The NCS staff and mentors are fully committed to helping you realise your potential and achieve your dreams. The support network, resources and opportunities at the NCS will help you to become a rounded individual and this is exactly what top universities and employers are looking for in potential candidates.”

What advice would you give students when choosing their courses?
“Make sure you pick subjects you enjoy and are passionate about, especially if you are undecided about what to do in the future, otherwise you are not going to enjoy your time at sixth form and will not have the motivation to achieve your best. If you are unsure about what you want to do, try and pick a broad range of subjects that will open the most doors. If you do have an idea of what you wish to do at university or in your career then make sure you tailor your subjects to this but talk to as many people as possible to make sure if it really is the right path for you.”

Vanisha’s Academic Achievements:

GCSE Results: 10A*s and 2As
A Level Grades: Mathematics (A*), Further Mathematics (A*), Economics (A), Spanish (A), Physics (A), Politics AS Level (A)
University: University of Warwick Math Mathematics. I also hope to do a year abroad in Spain in my third year.

Work Experience/Internships: Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley.

Ms Pooja Raninga (Plashet School)

Ms Pooja RaningaWhy have you decided to be an NCS Mentor?

“For me, the transition between GCSE and A-Levels was extremely tough. To whittle 11 subjects down to 4 is a very important decision and is essentially the start of you planning for your future! At this point in time, it is vital to get as much information and help as possible from anyone you can. This is the main reason why I want to become a NCS Mentor – to share my experiences and support students from Newham with their choices and career paths.”

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Why should students attend The NCS?
“Newham’s motto is “Progress with the People” and this is exactly what the NCS has to offer. It is essential for Newham students to join a sixth form that will improve their existing skills and help them to develop new ones. The NCS has all the answers – from fantastic teaching staff to outstanding facilities, it has the potential to become a solid platform on which students can start to build their future success on. Nothing is more important than a strong foundation and so with the help of staff and mentors at the NCS, students will make the right decisions when choosing universities and future professions.”

What advice would you give students when choosing their courses?
“A-Levels are tough (I’m not going to lie!) but that doesn’t mean you cannot succeed and do well! When it comes to picking A-Levels, there is a vital question that you must ask yourself – “Where do I want to be in 5 years’ time?” Many people ask this clichéd question, but the answer is very important. If you know the answer to this, your A-Level choices should be crystal clear. If you don’t have an answer to this question, don’t panic! I was in the same situation. However, my approach was to choose subjects that I enjoyed and was good at. It goes without saying that you are more likely to do well in a subject that you enjoy. Don’t hesitate to ask your teachers questions or other students. It is always a good idea to get someone else’s point of view about a subject that you are not too sure about. Take every day a step at a time and keep on top of your work. And most importantly, enjoy your time as an A-Level student – they were, without a shadow of a doubt, two of the most memorable years of my life so far!”

Pooja’s Academic Achievements:

GCSE Results: 3A*s and 7As
A Level Grades: Maths (A), Chemistry (A), Psychology (B)
University: BSc Mathematics and Computer Science, achieved 2:1 at King’s College London

Current Role: Expense Accountant at QBE European Operations. Currently a member of ICAEW, studying ACA.

Sofia Jamal

Why have you decided to be an NCS Mentor?
“Your two years at sixth form are two of the most pivotal years of your life as they are central to your further education and what happens from there. Aiming for excellence, the NCS allows students from East London who aren’t necessarily from the most privileged of backgrounds to excel. I agree with the principles of the school and admire the ways in which its faculty have ensured that students of all backgrounds are not held back by lack of opportunity. I want to be an NCS Mentor so that I can contribute to these efforts as much as possible and help give others the opportunities that allowed me to study what and where I wanted to when it came to university.”

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Why should students attend the NCS?
“The NCS is a school like no other in the area. Here it is clear that learning goes far beyond that which is structurally taught in a classroom. This includes an NCS lecture programme which has drawn speakers as high profile as Ed Miiliband and well known journalist Owen Jones. Such experiences can be crucial in inspiring students towards excellence. This along with support given by inspiring teachers is a formula for success.”

What advice would you give students when choosing their courses?
“Never choose subjects thinking that they will get you an easy A. Do what you enjoy and what you’re good at whilst keeping in mind your long term ambitions. Although it may sound cliché, you will always do better in the subjects that you like and you may actually end up enjoying your studies.”

Sofia’s Academic Achievements:

GCSE: 7A*s 2As
A Level Grades: French (A), Spanish (A), History (A), B for AS Economics.
Upper Second Class Honors in International Relations and History from the LSE
Currently interning at the LSE Faith Centre

Tamanna Moushumi

Why have you decided to be an NCS Mentor?
“Seeing the NCS in the news and of course, by living in the local area, the buzz from the sixth firm has drawn me in. The prospect of meeting energized and likeminded individuals who simply have a desire to succeed excites me. My academic life has always been enriched with mentors from all walks of life; from the Foreign Commonwealth Office diplomats to investment bankers and parliamentarians. Having been approached by a few others to mentor students, I realised I wanted to be part of a growing and established organisation; and I’m so glad I’ve been selected to be part of Newham’s greatest venture. I want to channel my energies from having just left sixth form by giving both academic and university related advice. ”

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Why should students attend the NCS?
“With driven academic tutors, an impeccable and utterly outstanding set of facilities, countless resources and unlike other ‘brand new’ sixth forms, a team of highly experienced teachers, I wouldn’t understand why students could not attend the NCS. I embrace the fact that sixth form is the gateway to university; I believe the NCS is the optimum environment to stimulate teenagers to leave for university as accomplished adults. The ‘Super-Curriculum’ that the NCS offers is outstanding; this is what many students have to leave their classrooms to explore and enjoy before putting them on the university applications. By piquing the interests of students in specialised areas whilst offering them a traditional curriculum really gives them the best opportunity to become an all-rounded excellent pupil.”

What advice would you give students when choosing their courses?
“When selecting A-Level courses, be really open minded. It will be a step up from GCSE, but its better doing something you love rather than something you are ‘good’ at, at GCSE. When selecting a university degree, the best advice is research; from the entry requirements, to course modules and even where you’d live. Being organised and efficient will always help! And also, don’t be afraid to try something new and challenge yourself!”

Tamanna’s Academic Achievements:

GCSE: 5A*s & 6As (Sarah Bonnell School)
A-Level: History [A*], English Literature [A], Government & Politics [A]
(St. Bonaventure’s School)

University: The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
BSc in Politics & International Relations

Mr Ajim Miah (Little Ilford School)

Ajim MiahWhy have you decided to be an NCS Mentor?
“As a keen community activist, a Newham lover and someone who believes in the power of education, I have taken the decision to become an NCS mentor. Too often, we hear of students from “disadvantaged backgrounds,” and it is this idea that I look to combat as an NCS mentor to prove that students in Newham are some of the highest achievers there are. The sense of community spirit, belonging and an excellent student ethos is what attracted me to become an NCS mentor. When hearing that an A-level sixth form centre was to be opened in Newham, it made me very happy to know that a vibrant student ethos enjoyed in other Sixth Forms can now be found in our own home borough. There are the obvious reasons of giving back to a student body that I once made a part of, but more so I have become an NCS mentor to help, offer advice and to try and inspire students from my own experiences.

A great man once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” It is this very philosophy I want to pass on to all students at NCS. With all the hardships that maybe faced by students from Newham and neighbouring boroughs, it is this inspiration of changing the world through education that I want to instil into our students to come!”

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Why should students attend The NCS?
“There are two main reasons as to why I believe students should attend the NCS over any other sixth form centre. The first is the obvious commitment and dedication of the staff body. This is a commitment that is matched nowhere else, where teachers will be ready to support students throughout the entire process of A-levels. As a student I remember evaluating which sixth form will offer me the best teacher-student experience and it is this that students look at with most concern. Teachers at the NCS have a history of success in their field of teaching and therefore the teaching experience is made special for students.

NCS has worked extremely hard to gather students from different paths and different academic strengths to bring them together. The other reason as to why I believe students should attend the NCS is because of the great network of friends they will meet there. As a student, it helps when you are surrounded by like-minded, driven and high achieving individuals. By going to a high-achieving institution, you create a network of friends that go on to do great things. Some of these friends will remain for life and being associated with such people always comes with an advantage- not to mention the character of such friends, who keep you motivated and reminded of success.”

What advice would you give students when choosing their courses?
“When choosing courses for A-levels, most students go with courses that they believe will help them get into a specific field. What I advise, is that unless your profession is extremely specific you should choose the courses you enjoy and have a genuine interest in. Ask yourself, will I take out an hour of my own time to research or read into something in this topic? Will you simply fall asleep reading it, not really pay much attention to the information presented or actually look to understand the different concepts that are being displayed and look to read more into the subject area? There is no question that A-level courses are challenging, but it is whether or not you really love the subjects you choose that determines the success you achieve.”

Ajim’s Academic Achievements:

GCSE Results: 4A*s, 6As
A Level Grades: History (A), Politics (A), Religious Studies (A), Economics AS (A)
University: Kings’ College London – BA International Politics

Roles (past and present):
Diary Manager of the Rt Hon Stephen Timms MP.
Secretary of the Little Ilford Ward.

Ms Andriea Vamadevan (Seven Kings High School)

Andriea VamadevanWhy have you decided to be an NCS Mentor?

“I am in my final year of reading Law and will soon be entering the City to work at a leading American law firm. I would love the opportunity to give back to my community and share my experiences to help students strengthen key skills necessary for their degree and beyond. I am really excited to be a law mentor and to work with ambitious individuals!”

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Why should students attend The NCS?
“With a tailored style of teaching, the Sixth Form will ensure that students are given maximum support for their degree and career aspirations. This is a hard combination to achieve. The NCS understands that they are not only preparing high achieving A-Level students, but the leaders of tomorrow. This means that students will leave the NCS having acquired key skills necessary for their chosen industry- whether that be the sciences, technology, law or banking. The link the Sixth Form has with leading firms in key industries will help students gain a practical insight into the world of work; an opportunity that is rare to find!

Above all, the school will run a mentoring programme, including students like myself, who have attended leading institutions and are willing to pass on our experiences of the University admission process to NCS students. Sessions will be run to help students gain a greater understanding as to what their degree entails, key skills required and how to approach daunting tasks like the personal statement, interviews and admission tests.

In a nutshell, if you are an ambitious individual who wants to achieve big things, the support NCS will give you will be first class and unparalleled!”

What advice would you give students when choosing their courses?
“My best piece of advice for students would be to select a degree they are passionate about. It is important to remember that you will be studying the subject for 3-4 years and so you really have to engage with the subject! I would personally recommend attending as many University open days as you can and speaking to students on the mentoring programme from differing disciplinary backgrounds.”

Andriea’s Academic Achievements:

GCSE Results: 10A*s and 3A’s
A Level Grades: Economics (A*), Government and Politics (A*), English Literature (A) and Mathematics (A).
University: London School of Economics and Political Science, Law (LLB)

Mr Linos Owusu-Asare (Salisbury Secondary School)

Linos Owusu-AsareWhy have you decided to be an NCS Mentor?

“There are two main reasons why I have decided to be an mentor for the NCS, a) wanting to give back and b) remembering what it was like being a student during sixth form. In relation to a) I can safely say that being able to go on the journey I have been on, from growing up in North London, to going to the best undergraduate business school in the world, to working at a rapidly growing Silicon Valley start-up, wouldn’t have been possible without the support that many others have given me. Be it my family, friends, teachers, colleagues, there is something to be said for providing support to those who need it, as you never know where it can take you (for me it took me to the other side of the world!). As for b) it was very hard being a student applying to US schools, simply because it wasn’t the prototypical path and there wasn’t any example for a student who had done it before at my school. Even though, my sixth form provided me great support through the process I always remembered saying “It would be amazing if there was a student I could speak to, who was once in the position I was (applying to US schools), so I could pick his brain and know what to expect.

Now that I have been fortunate enough to be in that position, I would like to be that former student that you can ask about the process, so you have someone who can relate to the process you’ll be facing.”

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Why should students attend The NCS?
“The NCS really looks like a Sixth Form that is focused on the students first and foremost. From the great leadership at the school (whom I have been previously taught by and can personally vouch for), to the great resources and facilities you have, it seems that the NCS is determined to go above and beyond for students, which is something that all schools can’t say. In addition (and I am a little bias) the NCS seems to be a Sixth Form which encourages students to think outside of the box, by presenting them options that they may have never thought about before.

The fact that the NCS will have the resources and support needed if you wish to pursue studies in America is something which is unheard of in the vast majority of public British schools and this is just another feather in the cap of the NCS.”

What advice would you give students when choosing their courses?
“Two major pieces of advice, a) learn what you’re excited about and b) if you have an idea of what you want to do going forward in university, gear your subjects towards that. The first thing to realise is that two years of studying three or four subjects is a long time! Alongside other extracurricular and personal commitments, it can make studying something which is tough and difficult. With that in mind it’s important to learn what you’re passionate about, as otherwise it can make studying feel like a chore, which isn’t the best experience.

I can definitely vouch for studying what you’re excited about – I enjoyed my four subjects at AS Level so much that I kept on all four at A Level (whilst also in process of applying to both UK and US universities!) Also, if you are already quite future minded (it’s OK if you’re not, that’s what Sixth Form is there for!), you should look ahead at what courses are required at university level. What I mean by this, is that if you’re thinking that you want to study Economics at university, then find out what A-Levels are generally required to do so (hint: you’ll need a fair bit of Mathematics!). This will enable you to have the confidence in knowing that the subjects you’ll take will help you get to your desired next level.”

Linos’ Academic Achievements:

GCSE Results: 14 A* – B
A Level Grades: Business Studies (A), Mathematics (A), Sociology (A), Physical Education (A)
University: University of Pennsylvania, Wharton Undergraduate Business School – BSc in Economics with concentrations in Finance and Entrepreneurship

Current position: Content Partnerships Associate at Udemy

Ms Rubeca Hussain (Plashet School)

Ms Rubeca HussainWhy have you decided to be an NCS Mentor?
“I would like to share my A-level and university experiences with students as well as provide students with an insight into a wide range of professions that they may be considering or may not have even considered. Coming from Newham I understand some students may view studying in East London as a disadvantage when applying to university and entering their chosen profession, however I really want to be able to help students make informed decisions about their future and ultimately show students coming from East London is definitely an asset. All you need is a little bit of guidance, a lot commitment and motivation and you will go a very long way!”

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Why should students attend The NCS?
“All students regardless of background should receive the best education possible and I strongly believe the NCS will offer this opportunity to students. Having been taught by some of the teachers at the NCS I do not doubt the quality of teaching at all. Ultimately, I feel it is the extra-curricular support that truly distinguishes the sixth form to others. You will have the opportunity to receive one to one support during your university applications, develop the critical skills required when leaving sixth form and slowly begin developing your professional network, which is key for any path you choose.”

What advice would you give students when choosing their courses?
“Be as informed as possible. If you are 100% sure on the profession you would like to enter then it is important to choose subjects that will allow you to enter this profession. If you are unsure on the profession you would like to enter (don’t worry I was like that too!), I would suggest choosing a wide range of traditional subjects that not only plays to your strengths but also those you enjoy.

Finally, talk to people about their A-Level experiences; the more questions you ask, the more you will be able to judge if it’s the subject for you!”

Rubeca’s Academic Achievements:

GCSE Results: 5A*s, 5As and 1B
A Level Grades: English Literature (A), Economics (B), Chemistry (B)
University: BA (Hons) Social Anthropology, SOAS University.

Current Position: Senior Programme Co-ordinator, The Social Mobility Foundation.

Ms Shahnaj Miah (Little Ilford School)

Shahnaj MiahWhy have you decided to be an NCS Mentor?
“Your life at sixth form or at college will be the two most important years of your life as it is the starting platform to whatever you will go on to do next and life at sixth form cements the building blocks to your career. Having attended a prestigious sixth form in Redbridge many of my peers and teachers were quick to judge me as I came from a “disadvantaged background”. I was extremely quick to defend myself because I believe learning and teaching in Newham is second to none and the abilities of students in Newham are enormous. I believe that NCS will be a very prestigious sixth form at the heart of Newham which will adequately equip its pupils to face the world once they leave and it will instil a huge sense of passion for education within students, hence I have decided to become an NCS mentor. Preparing and drafting personal statements, completing UCAS applications and attending interviews can be a daunting experience and having experienced this myself I believe I can help and support pupils face what is usually described as a stressful time.”

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Why should students attend The NCS?
“Having attended Little Ilford School, Ms Yvonne Powell was my head teacher and she was fantastic, enthusiastic and a charismatic leader. I see the same values in Mr Ismail who has worked with leading companies and bodies to provide an excellent education service at the Collegiate.

Applying to sixth forms 5 years ago, I would have loved to have had the opportunity to apply to the NCS because it will be run by some of the best people in their fields who will put their pupils first and maintain a great educational ethos. I truly believe in the saying ‘you are what your company keeps’ and I believe the people that NCS will create will be people of success, inspiration and motivation, somewhere I would love to have attended and indulged myself in the spectacular facilities it has to offer, for example the debating chamber!”

What advice would you give students when choosing their courses?
“Do something YOU enjoy and are willing to physically roll your sleeves up and put your back into it. Too often students chose options to please their parents for example and ignore their real talents and abilities. I would say embrace those talents and choose a subject that will help build your career and help you in the degree you choose to do. For example, I chose social science subjects during my A levels and it has really helped me in my Law Degree.”

Shahnaj’s Academic Achievements:

GCSE Results: 1A* 6As 2Bs
A Level Grades: Politics (A*), Sociology (A*), Law (A*)
University: Third year Law students at SOAS, University of London

Mr Sifat Ahmed (Stepney Green School)

Mr Sifat AhmedWhy have you decided to be an NCS Mentor?
“The NCS is an amazing new institution which I am proud to be a part of. Having known and been taught by the Principal as well as some of the outstanding teachers now at NCS, I can confidently say that the NCS will be an immense success not just for the borough of Newham but in East London in general. I was born and brought up in France but at the age of ten my family and I moved to London to seek new opportunities. These opportunities were hard to come by because of the lack of contacts that I or my family had with top city companies and it was a real struggle to find and secure placements. However, what I can say is that with the NCS’s excellent contact list students will not go through some of the struggles I went through to get placements. Those who get a place at the NCS will be very lucky indeed and I can assure you your experience will not be mirrored elsewhere.”

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Why should students attend The NCS?
“In my opinion, no other sixth form or college will be as dedicated to the success of its students as the teachers at the NCS. The NCS doesn’t only define success as achieving A*s and As at the end of your two year course but strives to develop confident, articulate, scholarly students who aspire to be the future leaders in every sphere of professional and social life. The NCS has fantastic links with top firms in the city as well as recruiters from the top universities, the NCS has “levelled the playing field” to give students from less privileged backgrounds a real opportunity to succeed and achieve – there is nothing stopping NCS students getting the best degrees and best jobs in the UK – or even outside the UK!”

What advice would you give students when choosing their courses?
“The best advice I can give is to always use your situation to your advantage and to never settle for less. Never look at a highly paid professional or a Nobel Prize winner and think “if only I could do it” – look at them and ask yourself “why not me.” Opportunities are there for everyone, seize and make the best use of them! Also apply to summer schools with the top universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, LSE and UCL; the NCS will be able to help you with these and more importantly give you the advice and guidance to be successful. Spend your time finding out about the subjects you really enjoy and really delve into them and read as much as you can about them. NCS has an excellent programme that will help you develop into academics who are able to think critically about your subjects. I’m really looking forward to meeting you in September and assisting you achieve your aims and ambitions.”

Sifat’s Academic Achievements:

GCSE Results: 4A*’s and 5A’s
A Level Grades: Maths (A*), Economics (A), French (A), Further Maths (B), AS Physics (B)
University: London School of Economics, BSc Management

IBM Gap Year Scholar
Founder of Anima D’italia
LEK Consulting,

Ms Saira Rabbani (Plashet School)

Saira RabbaniWhy have you decided to be an NCS Mentor?
“Being from Newham myself I had to go through the experience of studying for my A Levels at a sixth form in a different borough. The creation of the NCS should be recognised as giving individuals in Newham the chance to stay in their borough to carry on with their education at an establishment, which has an excellent team of staff, facilities and extensive links with different firms and universities. The decisions that students make at sixth form will have a significant impact on their future so it is important that they are well informed and I would like to share the experience and knowledge that I have gained over the past few years in relation to choosing what subjects to study and the process of applying to university.”


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Why should students attend The NCS?
“When universities view applications from students, they are not only interested in those individuals who achieve high grades but also want students that are well-rounded to join them. It is important to stand out from the other applicants if you are to have a good chance of securing a place. Looking at the extensive set of enrichment activities on offer at the NCS, students that attend this sixth form will benefit greatly when it comes to applying for university. Having been taught by some of the NCS staff I have nothing but praise for their teaching methods and passion for their subjects.”

What advice would you give students when choosing their courses?
“When I had to choose what courses I wanted to do at A Level I already knew what profession I wanted to go into. Therefore, I decided to choose subjects, which would enable me to develop the skills that I would need at university. However, it is not a problem if you are unsure about what you want to study at university or what career path you want to choose as many people are often in that position. The important thing to remember is that you need to keep your options open at this point so that you are not limited as to what you can go into in the future. Choose subjects that you are good at but also choose those subjects that you enjoy as you will have to study that subject for at least a year. Also, don’t be afraid to ask those who have already been in your position about what subjects they chose and what options it opened for them.”

Saira’s Academic Achievements:

GCSE Results: 1A*, 8As and 2Bs
A Level Grades: English Literature (A), Sociology (A), History (B)
University: City University of London, Law (LLB)

Ferduche Miah

Why have you decided to be an NCS Mentor?
“The role of an mentor can be what one wishes to make it. It is a unique opportunity to not only teach and mentor students, but to also deliver to them a vision that is slightly more accessible, coming from individuals not directly in a teaching role. It is this immense sense of satisfaction and reward that I choose to make myself accessible to any young student wanting to learn about this process of entering university and the great changes it brings, as well as its challenges. My background means I can direct our teens to good resources and give sound advice for medicine but this is very much a bonus. I am here to support all our newest members.”

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Why should students attend the NCS?
“As I went through the hurdles of changing schools for A-Levels, I wished there was somewhere like the NCS where I would be valued as an individual as well as be able to stay and study in Newham. There was a real void, however NCS has eliminated that. Students studying here will enjoy the real sense of enrichment required to make our teenagers well-rounded university students and future employees. What sets NCS apart is that here, every student is catered for, be it medicine you want to pursue or an arts subject. There is no hierarchy and everyone is supported. Community links, career evenings, fun activities, educational trips all starts here guys!”

What advice would you give students when choosing their courses?
“This is your future and your drive and passion will shape and mould it into the way you want it to be! Be confident about your choices but be realistic. The ability to combine what you enjoy and what you are good at of course will come with experience and time, but it’s wise to start from your A level choices. Research around and try to think of future university courses/careers that appeal to you and use this as a benchmark to make your subject choices. Ultimately, it is your valuable time you will be investing in mastering them, so choose well, with enough thought and speak to people you know who have studied them. Ask us!”

Ferduche’s Academic Achievements:

GCSE: 8A*, 2A
A Level: A for French, Biology & Chemistry. B for AS Maths.
M.B.B.S (Pass with Merit year 3,4,5) from Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry
FY1 training completed at King George Hospital and Queens Hospital (Endocrinology, Respiratory medicine, General Surgery)
FY2 Training completed at Mid Essex Hospitals Trust, Broomfield Hospital (General Practice, Orthopaedics, Paediatrics)
GP VTS Training, Tower Hamlets London (due to finish end of 2020). I am due to start working as a GP in late December.

Dr Lucy Francis (Plashet School)

Dr Lucy FrancisWhy have you decided to be an NCS Mentor?
“It is so important for young people from all backgrounds to feel that they can aspire to anything and for that to be a reality. I really believe that the resources we invest in our students shape the future that we create for ourselves. I was born and brought up in East Ham and I had good schools to help me gain the grades I needed however there was always a gap in mentors and therefore an uncertainty about what was achievable. I did not have access to people who have ventured down the same path and faced the same choices and dilemmas. The NCS mentor network provides students with access to those people- people who have learnt from their successes and mistakes and are willing to share them. That is why I would like to be an Mentor for the NCS.”

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Why should students attend the NCS?
“Education is broader than passing exams well. That is of course absolutely necessary, as is an impeccable work ethic. But education is also gained from experiences and a good education involves the development of skills that can sometimes be hard to define. I would attend the NCS because they are very aware of this and are dedicated to provide their students with opportunities to develop and refine talents that will make for successful careers. The NCS has already showcased its ability to produce amazing grades but there is also a strategic goal amongst teachers and management to inspire students and to go above and beyond so that they can achieve whatever it is they set out to achieve.”

What advice would you give students when choosing their courses?
“I remember reading on the WHO website once that about 60% of us spend a third of our adult life at work. It’s so important that you enjoy the career you choose. I think it’s OK to not have it all figured out. The trajectory of your careers and choices will evolve with time however A levels are a great opportunity to start thinking about what you enjoy and focusing attention on certain subject areas. I think you should first and foremost choose subjects that you enjoy. I would also research career options, go for work experience and ensure that the subjects chosen lend themselves to a couple of the careers you are thinking about pursuing.”

Lucy’s Academic Achievements:

GCSE Results: Plashet School for Girls: 8A*s, 2As and GNVQ in ICT (dist)
A-Level Grades: English Literature (A), Biology (A), Chemistry (A) and Mathematics (A)
University: MBBS (dist in SSCs) from King’s College London and intercalated BSc in Management (1st Class Honours) from Imperial College London

FY1 at Whipps Cross Hospital doing surgery, urology and diabetes/endocrinology
Currently working as a FY2 doctor at The Royal London Hospital doing neuro, A&E and renal.

Ms Stephanie Matthews (Connaught School for Girls)

Stephanie MatthewsWhy have you decided to be an NCS Mentor?

“Ive been lucky enough to have the support from some of the teachers who will be working at the NCS and between their teaching and mentoring I have achieved so much more than I would have without it.

Studying medicine at Barts has been a dream come true and I’m so excited to meet those with the same passion as I had to study it. There were so many questions I had when I was applying and I remember wishing I had someone who had been there and done that to ask. As an mentor I hope to answer all of those questions for you and both reassure and inspire those going into the medical field.”

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Why should students attend The NCS?
“Getting into medicine was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but also my greatest achievement. I struggled in secondary school as a person who was certain to get 5 A-Cs and could therefore be left alone. When I reached sixth form I felt I was behind everyone else and had to work that bit harder to catch up and that was before I even considered getting into university. Students at the NCS will have the unique experience of an A level program that is tailored to get you into the best universities in the country. Because getting into university, especially the competitive courses, isn’t all about good grades. You’re expected to be a rounded individual that stands out to the selection panel with a variety of extracurricular activities as well as a fantastic application, an extraordinary personal statement and a great interview. It’s hard to fit all that in when you’re trying your best to get the top grades. The NCS staff and student mentors will work tirelessly to ensure you have all of this and more for when you apply to the course of your dreams at a top UK university and I’m really excited to help the medical students of the future.”

What advice would you give students when choosing their courses?
“Think long term. If you’re lucky enough to know what career path you want to go into spend some time looking at university requirements for those courses and look at A levels based on those. That being said, picking a subject you hate will not work well so unless you really need it for your university course maybe look at a subject that will offer the same transferable skills. If you are unsure of what you want to study at university then pick a broad range of subjects to give you as many skills as possible. And finally, no matter what degree you want to do, or what career you’re looking at going into, pick one A level that you will love. I picked English literature and it was a class I always looked forward to. And you never know, it may prove useful to have a qualification in something unrelated to your planned future. My A level in English Lit is now allowing me to do a masters in medical education.”

Stephanie’s Academic Achievements:

GCSE Results: 3A*s and 9As
A Level Grades: AS Maths (A), Biology (A), Chemistry (A) and English Lit (A)
University: 3rd year Medical student at QMW

Higher Education: I am hoping to take a year out next year to do an intercalated master’s degree in Medical Education.

Mr Awais Ali (Forest Gate Community School)

Mr Awais AliWhy have you decided to be an NCS Mentor?
“I have lost count of the number of times I have engaged with students across various competitions and initiatives, only to realise that I am the sole individual there representing Newham. One of the biggest misconceptions young people, particularly in Newham, are constantly led to believe is that they don’t have what it takes to compete at the highest level. My experiences quite clearly prove how untrue this is. Having been born and raised in Newham hasn’t prevented me from pursuing a degree in the best Dental school in the UK, in fact it has only strengthened my resolve to succeed.  I want students to never allow their socio-economic environment to be a barrier to achievement, rather I want them to understand that it is their work ethic that makes or breaks them. More importantly, I want students to appreciate that I couldn’t have achieved what I have without the support and help of my role models. I cannot imagine a better way of serving my community than being a role model for the brightest minds in Newham. I want to be an Mentor because I believe a true measure of success is not what you achieve for yourself, it’s how you utilise that success to best serve others.”

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Why should students attend The NCS?
“Education empowers people to believe in their abilities and to go out and create positive change, especially at a young age! I think anyone who is serious about long-term change should invest in themselves first and I am confident that the NCS is the best institution to help students thrive in their respected fields.”

What advice would you give students when choosing their courses?
“I love proverbs and here is one: Do what you love and love what you do. I never knew what profession I wanted to pursue but what I did know was that I enjoyed sciences and I liked new challenges. My advice to students who are unsure about what they want to study, is to speak to those who were in their shoes not too long ago. These people can provide invaluable advice on how to avoid mistakes (such as picking an A-level which is not recognised by the institutional degree programme). Just remember that it’s ok not to know what you want to do in life and sometimes you have be patient until you decide what’s ideal for you. Keep doing something until it works. It worked for me.”

Awais’s Academic Achievements:

GCSE Results: 4A*s  and 4As
A Level Grades: Biology (A), Chemistry (A), Psychology (A)
University: Kings College London, Dentistry, BDs

2013 HSBC competition Winner, HSBC
2013 Young Muslim Leadership Programme, Oxford University
2011 Winning Film-maker, Arabia Offscreen
2010 Team mentor, The Challenge
2009 Prime Minister’s Global fellowship to China, British Council

Ms Maahum Zahid (Plashet School)

Maahum ZahidWhy have you decided to be an NCS Mentor?
“It was not long ago that I myself was a 6th Form student; filled with ambition and surrounded by the expectations and aims that arise when studying for A Levels.

I remember both the hardships and the moments of joy during this period, the memories and the experiences that followed. However, in the end, it all came down to one moment and I was left with a piece of paper in my hands; the results. This represents the critical period of a student’s life, where they realise whether they are one step closer to their dreams or not. The decision of where to study your A Levels can be life changing!

I want to be an NCS Mentor so that I can help students achieve their aims and when the day arrives be proud of their accomplishments. A Levels are crucial and the final milestone before the initiation into the career pathway. Students require a strong support system, formed of both experienced, passionate teachers and mentors who are available to assist in their learning throughout their A Level period.”

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Why should students attend The NCS?
“The common trend is for the most hard working and career driven students of Newham to join 6th Form schools and colleges outside the borough. The NCS offers an exciting opportunity for students in Newham to have the same, if not higher standards of teaching and facilities to assist their learning, in order to help them achieve the most competitive grades. There are exciting opportunities available to potential students, such as assistance with university applications and gaining relevant work experience, summer schools, workshops/tutorials and many more.

With a skilled and successful team, bringing forth a magnitude of experiences of the educational field, the 6th Form represents an idea which is new to the Students of Newham. The main aim of the school is to provide the foundations for students to stand upon in order to achieve the highest grades and thrive towards obtaining a place in the best universities.”

What advice would you give students when choosing their courses?
“The subjects chosen for A Levels are vital as they ultimately determine the career pathways that are both available and most suited for individual students. It is important to take into consideration the topics that are most enjoyed, whilst also understanding the job prospects that would be accessible from the chosen courses. Having an awareness of the field you want to go into is ideal. However, if this is not currently apparent, it would be beneficial to undertake some career based research. This would allow students to gain information regarding the different fields available and help determine the most attractive; whether that is Medicine, Research, Law, Economics, Journalism and so forth.

Additionally, if the student knows what degree they wish to study, a good idea is to look on the UCAS website. This would help them identify both the subjects and the grade requirements that specific universities require in order to obtain a place in the chosen course.”

Maahum’s Academic Achievements:

GCSE Results: 11 A* grades, 2 A grades
A Level Grades: Mathematics: A*, Chemistry: A, Economics: A, Biology: B
University: City University, London: In third year of Optometry BSc.

Ms Alexandra Holyome (Sarah Bonnell)

Ms Alexandra HolyomeWhy have you decided to be an NCS Mentor?
“There are so many things I wish I had known years ago when I was going through this process. I think the key is knowing what is expected and required of you early. I didn’t know anyone who had trodden this path before me and it’s daunting when you start.

I still have to make choices about my career and need the support and advice of people who have experienced it before me and been successful. I would love to be able to provide that same insider knowledge and experience to you! .”

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Why should students attend The NCS?
“As Newham students you have a fantastic and rare opportunity. The NCS have created a team of motivated, knowledgeable and experienced individuals who will focus on supporting your ambitions and give you the skills and information you need to achieve these.”

What advice would you give students when choosing their courses?
“It’s OK not to know what you want to do with the rest of your life right now. I didn’t know either.

Whether you know or not, make sure you do your research. Talk to people who work in the areas you are interested in, find out what qualifications are needed for those jobs – most will require a relevant degree and those in turn will have certain A level entry requirements.

If you don’t enjoy the subjects that your chosen career demands, think early about whether this is really right for you. Do you really know what this job involves on a daily basis? Make sure you’re picking something you want to work hard at.

If you really don’t know, focus on what you enjoy and if you can, keep the subjects broad. I was terrified I would get my choices wrong and close lots of doors – but there are always chances to change your career path – so don’t panic.”

Alexandra’s Academic Achievements:

GCSE Results: 11A* / 2A
A Level Grades: English Literature (A); Biology (A); Chemistry (A) and Maths (AS level) B
University: Imperial College London MBBS (Medical degree) BSc in Gastroenterology / Hepatology

Ms Abeer Rizvi (Plashet School)

Ms Abeer RizviWhy have you decided to be an NCS Mentor?
“I have always been passionate about education and empowering people to achieve the best that they can. Having been to school in Newham, I have always felt attached to the area and saw first-hand the many hurdles my friends and I faced throughout our educational careers.

During the three years I have spent at university so far, I have noticed how under-represented Newham and the surrounding areas are in the student body. Why is this? What is stopping all the bright people I went to school with, who wanted to be studying at a top university, reaching their goals? The answer to these questions may be very complex, but one area that I highlighted is the lack of alumni support for students in Newham; as a sixth former wanting to study medicine, I simply did not know anyone who had experience with applying to the degree of my choice, or to the university of my choice.

That is the main reason I want to be an NCS mentor – to be that contact, to guide your university applications and to hopefully empower the next generation of university students from Newham.”

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Why should students attend The NCS?
“The educational environment created by the institution that you attend has a colossal impact on your achievements and enjoyment of your course. The NCS is creating a success-orientated, focused and supportive environment for the students so that they may achieve to the best of their abilities as well as enjoy their time studying their A-Level subjects.

Moreover, the NCS already has very strong links with top industries and universities, which is going to provide its students with the competitive edge and essential information and understanding that they need, so that they are fully prepared to make the life changing decision of applying to a top university.”

What advice would you give students when choosing their courses?
“Firstly, if you have an idea about what you want to study at university, research the entry requirements for that course in university prospectuses and choose your A levels appropriately. However if, like me, you do not know what you want to do, then there are three things to consider when you are choosing your A levels:

  1. The subjects you are good at
  2. The subjects you enjoy
  3. Keeping your options open

That is how I decided on my A levels. I considered the subjects I was good at and the ones I enjoyed. If you’re still not sure what to choose, think of a subject area (such as science, art, humanities) and choose a core subject from that area that you are good at and can see yourself studying in a huge amount of depth for two years!”

Abeer’s Academic Achievements:

GCSE Results: 13A*s, 3As,
A Level Grades: Biology A*,  English Literature A,  Chemistry A, Maths B
University: Imperial college London, MBBS, Imperial College London, National heart and lung institute, BSc in Respiratory Medicine

Ms Iman Abdul-Khaliq (Plashet School)

Iman Abdul-KhaliqWhy have you decided to be an NCS Mentor?
“When I was applying for sixth forms, in year 11 I remember wishing for a decent sixth form right here at home in Newham. Unfortunately there wasn’t at the time and I was forced to travel for 40 minutes everyday, which became tiring. But now there is an opportunity for students to go to the NCS. The NCS has great potential to be one of the best sixth forms in London and allow students the opportunity to excel in their education.

I want to be an NCS mentor so I can do my part in helping students who are confused about making choices regarding their future, whether it is for jobs or a degree in university. The two years in sixth form are vital and can make or break a young person’s future. Therefore it is important that students are aware of this and make wise decisions and choices to better their futures. A-levels can be a daunting prospect for young people and some students tend to struggle with the jump between GCSE’s and A-levels, I want to be able to help and support these students to achieve the best of their abilities.”

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Why should students attend The NCS?
“The NCS will provide the students of Newham the opportunity of choosing a credible sixth form in their local area. It will allow students to choose an excellent sixth form, which has an outstanding set of capable and caring teachers who will help them achieve their potential. I can say this, as a few of the teachers I know are going to be teaching at the sixth form. With such a great team of teachers who are committed to a student’s education, the pupils can thrive in an academic environment and excel academically and later on in life. A great set of A-levels will provide a strong foundation for the future.

I also have a great love for sport and with a leisure centre practically next door to the sixth form, it is an opportunity no student should pass. Sports can relieve stress as well as keeping the body and mind fit.”

What advice would you give students when choosing their courses?
“Choosing subjects for A-levels can be confusing and decisions can be made in haste. I remember not to long ago when I was choosing my A-levels and unfortunately I was one of the students who, to meet deadlines just put down a subject for the wrong reasons. At the time I didn’t feel I had someone to support me through this process and as an mentor I hope to provide this role for students. A-levels are the foundations on which the future of a young person’s life will rest upon. The results that are obtained in these two very short years will provide the opportunity for a person to enter a degree of their choosing. For these reasons it is of the utmost importance to choose A-level subjects which the student really enjoys, but also ones that the student is good at, so the highest levels could be achieved.

Also students in sixth form also need to make the crucial decision in what degree or job they would like to go into in the future. Personally going through the application process, I remember it being a confusing and sometimes even scary. There were times when I felt that I really needed support in writing my personal statement, which can be a lengthy and difficult process. When I was applying for medicine, I was aware of the fact that there is strong competition in this country, especially for universities in London and often it is here, most people wish to study. It is vital that anyone who wants to apply, should build their personal statements, early on with what they learnt from various experiences rather than simply listing various work experiences. At the NCS you will receive all the support and guidance that you need from NCS Mentors and the very strong links that the NCS has.”

Iman’s Academic Achievements:

GCSE Results: 8A*s, 5As & 1B
A Level Grades: Biology (A), Chemistry (A), Maths (B), Psychology (B)
University: Currently studying Medicine (3rd Year)

Ms Komal Verma (Oaks Park High School)

Komal VermaWhy have you decided to be an NCS Mentor?
“For me, the biggest reason to become an NCS mentor is to share my experiences and give back something back to the community. At AS Level, it is difficult to understand what university life is like and I hope that by becoming an mentor, I can help answer many of those unanswered questions about university life and what it is like to be a medical student. I am excited to work with enthusiastic, passionate and driven students, who will one day become the next generation of doctors and medical professionals.”

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Why should students attend The NCS?
“The NCS has the staff and skills needed by young students to be able to help them make incredibly important decisions about their careers. The NCS has the expertise to help students get into university and also guide them towards a career pathway that they will love and enjoy.

I have been fortunate enough to be mentored by some of the staff at the NCS and I can honestly say that without their support and advice, I would not be where I am today. Taking their advice and listening to their experiences played a huge role in making my decision about applying for Medicine and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made – I absolutely love studying Medicine at Barts and have never looked back!”

What advice would you give students when choosing their courses?
“Take your time in making a decision and always choose subjects you find interesting, particularly if you are still undecided about what you’d like to study in the future. That way, you’ll enjoy your two years at sixth form and go on to study a degree you thoroughly enjoy.

If you already have an idea of what you would like to study at university, I would advise you to reach out and speak to as many people as possible who have an understanding of that course. Also, if you’re already considering where to apply, I would suggest reading into the course structure at different universities and actually visiting the universities to really get a feel for what the next few years have in store for you.”

Komal’s Academic Achievements:

GCSE Results: 7A*s & 4As
A Level Grades: Biology (A*), Chemistry (A*), Maths (A*) AS Physics (A)
University: 3rd year medical student at Queen Mary University of London.

Higher Education: I am also hoping to take a year out next year to study an intercalated MSc in Experimental Pathology.

Ms Shuhala Ahad (Elizabeth Garret Anderson School)

Why have you decided to be an NCS Mentor?
“Being a sixth-form student not so long ago I can remember the pickle I was in when deciding which degree I wanted to pursue once I completed my A levels. There is also the added pressure of your A level exams so it’s important that you have people who can give you good advice and guidance along the way. As a result of my experience I want to be part of an outstanding network of highly talented students that are on hand to help and assist NCS students make some important decision in their academic careers.”

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Why should students attend The NCS?
“The NCS offers a great opportunity for students to be stretched, challenged and supported in their application to the most competitive universities in the UK and abroad. The high calibre of teachers within this sixth-form, which I can personally vouch for, are passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated and will definitely provide you with a high quality class room environment. This will definitely drive students to excel and allow them to make an informed decision about the area of study they wish to pursue at University.”

What advice would you give students when choosing their courses?
“Students choosing their courses should definitely go for subjects they are interested in and subjects that they can excel in; which in most cases go hand in hand. However being interested in the subject is of major importance as it will make it easier when studying difficult topics due to your own genuine interest. Furthermore, if you have some idea of what you want to pursue at University make sure you check course requirements or recommended subjects for the particular degree in advance of your A levels. However do keep in mind when you enter sixth-form your interests may change and become more defined as you move through the first year. Have confidence in what you are interested in, it will take you far!”

Shuhala’s Academic Achievements:

GCSE Results: 4A*s, 6As
A Level Grades: Biology (A) Chemistry (A) Maths (A) Physics (B)
University: Queen Mary, University of London

Current Position: 3rd year Mechanical Engineering Student

Mr Mohit Verma (Mayfield High School)

Mohit VermaWhy have you decided to be an NCS Mentor?
“I decided to become an NCS mentor because I remember myself how daunting it was to pick subjects, evaluate opportunities and apply to universities. I wasn’t sure of the degree or career that I wanted to do, so having gone through the process I hope to be able to help others by providing guidance and advice.”

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Why should students attend The NCS?
“The NCS is based on a solid foundation of teachers who want to push and stretch students to their full potential, something I can personally vouch for, having been mentored by some of them myself. This, coupled with the alumni contact base, provides additional guidance to students and makes it a winning combination.”

What advice would you give students when choosing their courses?
“If you’re not sure what subjects to study, pick the ones you enjoy and have a passion for and do some research to see what career paths you could take with them.”

Mohit’s Academic Achievements:

GCSE Results: 6As, 4Bs
A Level Grades: Mathematics (A), Physics (A), Chemistry (A);
AS-Levels: Further Mathematics (A), ICT (B)
University: Imperial College London; MEng, Chemical Engineering (1st Class Honours)

Professional Qualifications: Associate Member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE)

Ms Kawsar Kinoo (Connaught School for Girls)

Kawsar KinooWhy have you decided to be an NCS Mentor?
“I guess there are two main reasons why I wanted to become an NCS Mentor. First and foremost, I miss sixth form which might seem daunting at times but when it’s over, all you’re left with are good memories. I can’t wait to be an active part of student life and be as much help as I can be to anyone who requires it. Secondly, it seems like such a fulfilling and rewarding way to spend some of my time. I remember when I was confused and it was a range of staff along with ex-students that helped in clearing this confusion and now, I feel grateful to them that I am at the university of my choice, undertaking a degree that I am highly passionate about.”


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Why should students attend The NCS?
“When I was offered the privilege to become an NCS Mentor, I naturally wanted to know more about the new sixth form and so I explored their website and spoke to the teachers. And now, I can honestly say I want to go back to Sixth Form. Why does time go by so quickly? But that aside, the NCS offers a massive range of opportunities that were not so readily available when I was doing my A-levels. First and foremost, I was very impressed by the Emerging Talents Programme on offer as everyone knows work experience is essential in order to pursue a degree of high calibre such as Medicine, Dentistry or Law and this programme facilitates the process. Moreover, when going through the enrichment activities, I noticed they had a ‘learn to write and speak Arabic’ course which piqued my interest as I have wanted to learn Arabic for a long time, mainly to understand my religion fully but there are also great career opportunities on offer in Arab speaking countries such as Dubai (I’ll let you do your research!). And last but not least, if nothing seems to make the NCS stand out to you, then go because you will be in safe hands with the amazing staff (some of whom I can personally vouch for). You won’t regret it!”

What advice would you give students when choosing their courses?
“Choosing your course will always be a time of uncertainty (unless you know what career you would like to pursue after university). However I was in that boat once too and I chose to do what I’m best at (which, naturally, were the subjects I most enjoyed). I had a passion for Languages but Science intrigued me also and I wasn’t sure which one I was more inclined towards so I chose to undertake two from each of these headings in order to create some form of balance. This is important as although some universities don’t mind which subjects you achieve your expected grades in, most of the top universities would demand that at least two of your A-level subjects correspond to the degree you have chosen. For example, a degree in Biology or Chemistry at a good university would require you to achieve at least two A-grades in either Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics. However the best thing to do, in my opinion, is that if you have a vague idea of what you would like to study at university, make a list of all the possible subjects and check out their grade requirements at the universities you would most like to attend. This will allow you to narrow down the number of choices and know where your focus must lie. And as to those who have no clue at all, don’t worry! It will become clearer as the year progresses.”

Kawsar’s Academic Achievements:

GCSE Results: 3A*s, 6As
A Level Grades: Biology (A), French (A), Chemistry (B)
University: University College London

Current Position: Undergraduate (3rd year Msci Genetics)
Part-time AIIC-trained Inventory Clerk

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