The NCS is in the top 1% of UK schools & sixth forms for value added according to an independent report created by ALPs, confirming the high quality teaching, support, care and guidance that takes place at the NCS.

In simple terms, this means that NCS students perform better than 99% of all other schools/sixth forms in the country when compared to students with the SAME GCSE grades on entry. You can see this for yourself in our interactive graphic below. The great thing is you can be confident that the NCS will do for you what it has done for previous students and give you the best possible chance of accessing a highly competitive university or a school leaver programme with an international firm.
Whilst our results are outstanding by any measure, what really separates The NCS from other Sixth Forms is the wealth of enrichment that students receive with us. From the high profile Lecture Programme to the Emerging Talent Programme there is something for everyone. Why not visit our opportunity timeline to find out more about these fantastic and unrivalled opportunities that you could benefit from by being a NCS student.

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