Not A Single Day Of Learning Or Live Lessons Lost For NCS Students During The Pandemic

Watch The Documentary!

We wanted our students to tell their stories of studying during this unique period in time and had a documentary produced to do just that. You can watch the entire film on this page and see how despite all the obstacles in their way, A Level results day remained a triumph.


Watch the documentary that follows the journey of Newham Collegiate students throughout the global pandemic.

There’s no doubt that the global pandemic has changed everyone’s lives forever. For students who completed their courses in 2021 the two years have been full of nothing but ups and downs, as restrictions imposed curtail our individual liberties and we all began to wrestle and adapt to the new ‘normal’. To overcome the challenges and succeed in their studies, our students (ably supported by our expert staff) have had to demonstrate tenacity, resilience and – at times – sheer determination.

Without any doubt The NCS’ deployment of technology allowed our students to immediately switch to online learning on the very first day of the lockdown imposed in March 2020. 

Beyond Online Learning!

Whilst many schools were forced to move to emails, document and video sharing and delays in getting technology to students; Newham Collegiate provides everyone with their own iPad to aid their learning journey. This enabled us to immediately switch to everyone having live online lessons, with teacher/student interaction. The timetable that was in place before the government lockdown announcement remained in place for the remainder of the school year. 

Once everyone returned to learning at our East Ham sixth form campus this approach remained active to allow students asked to self isolate at home to continue to learn and be involved with the live lessons taking place on-site with the rest of their class. 

Not a single day of learning was lost for students at Newham Collegiate due to the Covid19 pandemic. is now SixthForm.London!
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