Five Ivy League Offers For Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre (The NCS) Students With An Investment Of Over $1Million In Scholarship Funds – Video And Media Coverage

FIVE Ivy League Offers For Students At The NCS In East London, UK

The Ivy League beckons for four students from Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre (The NCS) in East London. We are delighted to share the news that this year’s cohort of students have secured FIVE offers to study at Ivy League universities in America. They will go on to study at Harvard, Princeton and MIT. Each student has also earned a full scholarship fund of $320,000, a combined total of over $1,000,000 worth of investment in their futures from the world’s most renowned and fiercely competitive universities.

All four students will go on to join NCS alumni Tafsia Shikdar and Isuf Mohammed who have respectively, completed their third and first year of study at MIT. In our first three years our Elite University Preparation Programme has helped students earn a total of eight offers to study at Ivy League universities in the USA (all on full scholarships of $320,000), alongside those achieved for Oxbridge and the Russell Group, which still sees 95% of our students receiving offers.

Private Schools Vs. The NCS

It’s widely reported that students from private schools – including Charterhouse, Eton, Harrow and Godolphin – are now preferring to study abroad at the USA Ivy League, rather than at Oxbridge. To help them prepare for the rigorous application process, parents of private school students are known to spend in the region of £20,000 per pupil for the guidance. All with no guarantee of success.

By comparison, The NCS provides the same high level expertise to our students, including a trip to visit the Ivy’s in America, absolutely free. The programme is becoming an increasingly popular option for our students – many of whom live in some of the most disadvantaged boroughs in London.

Want to go to an Ivy League University?

Learn more and discover how The NCS has become a leader in supporting A level state school students through the complicated US application process. You can watch our talented students discuss their experience of how The NCS’ free Ivy League preparation – which includes expert masterclasses from an American tutor and a trip to the USA to visit the Ivy’s in Boston and New York – helped them earn places at these prestigious universities in the video below:


Watch our offer students and alumni now studying at MIT discuss how our Ivy League Preparation Programme helped them earn places at the best universities in the world!

NCS Principal Mouhssin Ismail said of their Ivy League achievement:

``Where you come from should never determine where you end up. I am proud that The NCS is able to offer a whole range of fantastic and unparalleled opportunities for students in Newham and East London, with the Ivy League Preparation Programme being a prime example. In 2014, when The NCS was set up, one of my aims was to normalise applications and offers to the most prestigious universities in the UK and abroad. We are beginning to see this and I am really looking forward to the day when it is no longer big news that students from the second most deprived borough in London secure offers on full scholarships to some of the best universities in the world. I want to congratulate the four students for their Ivy League offers, with Tafsia and Isuf they will inspire even more students to follow in their footsteps.``

Tafsia Shikdar, our first Ivy League offer student, commented:

Tafsia Shikdar - The First Newham Collegiate Student To Earn A Place At An Ivy League University
“It’s more of a pathway now for people to realise that they may be from Newham and the surrounding boroughs, but that it shouldn’t stop them. They can get to America. You no longer need to be on your own against the world, The NCS is there to support you.”

Isuf Mohammed, our second Ivy League offer student added:

Isuf Mohammed - The Second NCS Student To Earn A Place At An Ivy League University
“I don’t think anybody was expecting any school in the UK to be acheiving one or two offers to the Ivy League, let alone five! It’s very difficult for anyone to get into the Ivy Leagues without any of the help that The NCS gives it’s students in terms of application preparation.”

Meet Our Ivy League Offer Students


Lennox Has An Offer To Study At The Ivy League In The USA
“I’m really grateful to The NCS for all the help that they provide with these Ivy League applications. You’d normally expect to pay quite a lot of money for the preparation, but the fact that NCS students get it all for free is really a testament to how dedicated The NCS is to invest in their students.”

Lennox joined The NCS from Harris Academy after achieving 9 9 9 9 8 8 8 7 at GCSE. His interests are in physics and maths and during his time studying with us he has benefitted from enrichment opportunities including career insight visits, Advanced Physics sessions, UCL Engineering Club, as well as our Ivy League Preparation Programme.

Lennox will be continuing his studies at Princeton University in the USA.


Catherine Has An Offer To Study At The Ivy League In The USA
“When we went to MIT we met Tafsia and Isuf. It’s really helpful to know students from NCS who have already been there. Along with the visit, it just made the idea of doing those applications a lot more real. “

Catherine joined The NCS from Sir John Cass Redcoat School with GCSE grades of 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 8 8 7 7. Enthused by her teacher’s love of physics, she also developed a passion for the subject. She benefitted from additional NCS lectures on topics such as quantum mechanics and thermodynamics, which are provided by our expert Physics teachers, two of which hold doctorates in the subject from a Russell Group University.

Catherine will be continuing her studies at MIT in Boston, USA, having been on our Ivy League Preparation Programme.


Xuan Has An Offer To Study At The Ivy League In The USA
“The fact that The NCS gave me so much free guidance was a huge blessing. Lots of other schools are focussed only on getting you to the Russell Group universities or Oxbridge, but The NCS is much more diverse in its options and that really helps.”

Xuan joined us from London Design & Engineering UTC with GCSE grades of 99987.  Xuan has represented and captained the British Volleyball Team and has a keen interest in the sciences and maths.  Like former NCS student Isuf, Xuan was also not offered a place to study at Oxbridge, but his all-round ability and academic prowess meant he was a perfect fit for Harvard University.  Xuan has taken advantage of the many opportunities available to him, from coding classes and advanced mathematics seminars to sessions on CV writing and personal developments initiatives.

Xuan will be continuing his studies at Harvard in Boston, USA, having been on our Ivy League Preparation Programme.


Umar Has An Offer To Study At The Ivy League In The USA
“When I found out I had been accepted it was a real surreal moment. I called my mum straight away. She was incredibly proud.”

Like Isuf and Catherine, Umar also joined us from Sir John Cass Redcoat School with GCSE grades 99998888.  We quickly recognised his exceptional ability to lead, inspire and motivate others and he was appointed Head Boy at the end of his first year at The NCS.  During his time with us Umar has taken advantage of many opportunities at The NCS, more impressive is the changes he has brought in during his tenure as Head Boy.  He has overseen the creation and delivery of the ‘Let’s Talk’ programme which saw Y13s deliver subject specific academic workshops to Y12 students. Umar has also been heavily involved in running the US application programme (student perspective) to support Y12s planning on applying to the US.  Umar’s contribution to The NCS has been profound and has left an indelible mark on the educational fabric of the Sixth Form.

Umar will be continuing his studies at Harvard in Boston, USA, having been on our Ivy League Preparation Programme.

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