Natalie Bennett Delivers A Speech To Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre (The NCS) As Part Of Our Lecture Programme

Natalie Bennett Speaks To Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Center (The NCS) Politics Students – In Video

On Friday 21st November The NCS welcomed Natalie Bennett, Leader of the Green Party. During her visit she spoke to our Politics students about her career path, the party she leads and encouraged our students to be the change that they want to be, regardless of their political stand point, ending her speech:

“Politics is more than voting. Politics can be signing a petition, sharing with your friends, setting up a group to campaign for your local community. Politics should be something that you do, that everybody does. Not something that’s done to you.”

Following a student summarisation, Ms Bennett took questions from our student body on subjects ranging from the state of politics in our country to career advice. This visit gave our students a rare insight into the way our country operates from a party leader; in turn aiding studies and providing inspiration for our future leaders.

Ms Bennett thanked students for being an engaged audience and for providing some great questions after her talk. She later took to Twitter to claim it was the ‘best such session I’ve ever done’ – high praise for our students indeed!


Photos from the visit:

The student’s view of Natalie Bennett’s talk

Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party visited us at the NCS. She talked to us on a mutual level, respected our opinions and gave us honest responses to our concerns. It was a charismatic, powerful and intriguing talk from a strong and inspiring leader to a growing party. – Azim Ahmed
Her speech was inspirational. After the speech the response from many people clearly showed that she connected with them and she gave them an insight into politics and the economy. – Thaseen Thasleem
Intriguing, insightful and captivating. On the 21st November the NCS opened its doors to the leader of the Green Party, Natalie Bennet, who enlightened the politics students with her inspirational speech regarding our government and what she feels needs to be done to improve our society. It was a pleasure to meet a high profile politician who enabled me to widen my knowledge in this subject area. – Aishah Nekiwala
This experience has been very influential in the way I think about democracy and its relevance to myself and those around me. I echo the words of Ms Bennet when I say “politics should be something you do, not something that should be done to you”. – Zereena Arshad
Natalie Bennet showed me that I as an individual can play a vital part in politics despite my age and for that I would like to say thank you. – Mark Walakira
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