Owen Jones Delivers A Talk To Newham Collegiate Students As Part Of The NCS Lecture Programme

Owen Jones Visits Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre (The NCS) To Deliver A Politics Lecture – In Video

On Tuesday 25th November, Guardian columnist, broadcaster and author Owen Jones came to speak at The NCS to our Politics students.

Picking up on themes from his latest book ‘The Establishment’, he gave his views on a variety of topics which are of concern to young people today. From voter disengagement to youth unemployment and the rise of UKIP to the part played by political, financial and media elites in modern British society, he kept NCS students and staff engaged from the beginning. His down-to-earth approach proved very successful and the students asked several insightful questions in the general discussion at the end.

Photos from the talk

The student view on Owen Jones’ lecture

Owen Jones’ lecture was an inspirational and intellectually stimulating experience to say the least. However, his overwhelming message was one of hope and that the system can be fixed by strong and decisive leadership. -Zereena Arshad
On the 25th November 2014, students at the NCS were visited by Owen Jones, columnist of the Guardian weekly and former researcher of the Labour party. He had some Keynesian views on the concept of government intervention in times of economic hardship; using the example of the recent 2008 recession. He saw how this created economic disparity within a rich country, a country which is in fact the 6th richest in the world, at a point wherein the UK is wealthier than ever before, but the next generation of children will be the first to be worse off than their parents. Left winged and fascinating views on enormous issues which plague our economy. – Azim Ahmed
There was definitely nobody in our college that was more ecstatic than myself for the arrival of the prestigious Mr Owen Jones. I went through his book ‘The Establishment’ and asked him multiple questions. What struck me is his beliefs in his book are resonated in his persona.His rhetoric was honest and engaging. – Yasmin Alam
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