Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre (The NCS) Students Learn About The EU In Brussels

Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre (The NCS) Students Learn About The EU In Brussels

On the 19th and 20th November our Politics students, accompanied by Mr Ismail and Ms Evans, went to Brussels.

The purpose of the trip was to visit the European Parliament- one of the 5 key institutions of the EU and the only one within the legislative branch which represents every EU citizen directly. At the invitation of London MEP Seb Dance, students were able to see inside the magnificent debating chamber and hear about the function and role of the EU in global decision-making.

We also visited the interactive ‘Parliamentarium’ visitor centre and even managed some sight-seeing around the centre of town. Along with the obvious educational value of the trip and the strong curriculum links to AS Government and Politics, the highlight for many remained having the opportunity to sample some of the world famous Belgian chocolate!

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The student’s view on the trip to Brussels

“Our two day trip to Brussels was an extremely eventful experience. Visiting the European Parliament and the Parlimentarium gave myself, as a politics student, a better understanding of the European Union, the history behind its formation and the Powers which is embodied in the system. Meeting MEP Seb Dance, whom we shared a topical discussion regarding the UK staying in the EU, broadened our horizons in thinking and has inspired me immensely! The trip was a fantastic experience to bond with my class and it was a trip I will never forget”

– Tahera Ali

“Seb Dance, a London MEP, organised a trip for year 12 politics students to visit the European Parliament in Belgium. We flew out on the 19th and visited local sights during our first day in the cultural city of Brussels. We got an insight in to the lifestyle of Belgian people; which allowed us to broaden our views on not only the cultures present outside London alongside the political systems we would view on the next day. We further got a taste of Belgian cuisine, as we got a chance to sample Belgian waffles and chocolates. After we retired to our hotel and got a night’s rest, we then departed early in the morning to head off to the European Parliament.

The visit to the European Parliament aided our learning, whilst giving a first hand view of the historical establishment, which was particularly astounding. We had a lecture on the history of the EU and got to view the debating chamber of which many influential political decisions take place; it was truly a trip to remember. “

– Aisha Mohiuddin

“The trip to Brussels was an enlightening experience. We had a wonderful opportunity to visit the European parliament and also the honour of meeting Seb Dance a Labour MEP. He talked about what the EU was made up of and how the EU coordinates with other countries.

Following that we had a visit to the European parliamentary museum in which we looked through the historic events that had occurred over the years and also the way the EU works.”

– Thaseen Thasleem

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