An Audience With Professor Stephen Hawking For Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre (The NCS) Students

On March 6th a select group of NCS students had the privilege of being invited to attend the presentation of the Honorary Freedom of The City of London to Professor Stephen Hawking.

Professor Hawking is one of the world’s most renowned scientists. He works as the director of research of the centre for theoretical cosmology within the University of Cambridge and is most known for his best selling book “A Brief History of Time” where he discusses his own ground breaking theories on cosmology. His celebrated mind has led him to become one of the faces and voices of science in popular culture; with cameos on The Simpsons and Big Bang Theory and a Hollywood film made about his life.

The presentation at London’s Guildhall included a speech by Professor Hawking and a lunch reception. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be in the presence of one of the greatest thinkers of a generation and an inspirational afternoon for our students.

The student view
``Seeing Stephen Hawking was a once in a lifetime oppurtunity which we were able to have. It was brilliant to see the worlds most renowned physicist gain the honurary freedom medal and to be awe inspired in his presence. `` - Jai
``Attending the Honorary Freedom of the City ceremony of Professor Stephen Hawking was a once in a lifetime event and truly inspiring. During the ceremony, Professor Hawking told us about his humble beginnings in London, his work and how ALS has affected his life. We had the privilege to hear what Professor Hawking thought about the growth of AI and the future of the human race and, of course, black holes. These ideas were very thought provoking and motivated us to be at the forefront of scientific research, regardless of any obstacles we may face. This opportunity is something we shall never forget. `` - Edi
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