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Year 12 Geography Fieldtrip To Dorset & Bournemouth - Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre (The NCS)
Year 12 Geography Fieldtrip To Dorset & Bournemouth

Year 12 Geography Fieldtrip To Dorset & Bournemouth

Blue skies, great learning and great laughs would have to be the best summary of the 3 days we spent in Dorset and Bournemouth last week. The students were conducting the fieldwork requirement for Unit 2 of the AS exam, ‘Geographical Investigations’ and their chosen topics were crowded coasts and rebranding.

The trip began in Swanage looking at the impact of coastal erosion and conflict with various stakeholders at ‘Studland Bay.’ The students learned some new fieldwork techniques including beach profile measurements and a range of observations to determine the rate of erosion. On the second day students went to Boscombe in Bournemouth where they were looking for evidence of the need for urban rebranding. The students attracted a lot of positive attention from local residents who were keen to talk to them and answer their questionnaires. They carried out landuse surveys, building quality surveys and gathered a range of observation data.

We then headed off to Barton-on Sea, Highcliffe and Naish Farm to look at the impact of coastal development on the coastline, completed a number of fieldwork techniques aimed at evaluating the coastal defenses and management along the beach and cliffs and positive impacts of the scheme. Throughout the stay we were assisted by Matt, a tutor at Leeson House Field Studies Centre. He was so impressed with our students and said this of them:

“The students from Newham Collegiate Sixth Form were incredibly hard working, going above and beyond what I would usually expect an A level group to do. They asked inquisitive and perceptive questions not only on the task at hand, but also on the geographical world around them. They were also a fun group to be around making it an enjoyable experience to teach them.”

Overall it was a very successful trip; the students all worked very hard and applied themselves to the tasks set with enthusiasm. Their behavior was exemplary and their team work and all the cleaning and tidying they did was very impressive!

The Student View

A very interesting experience, seeing real life representations of what we have learned in class. From having to go out and collect data ourselves, conducting questionnaires, field sketches, collecting field sketch maps, to having to interpret secondary data, such as; satellite images, GIS Statistics, has shown exactly how diverse geography can be.

– Indre

Heading out to Dorset was the ideal way to prepare for our Unit 2 exam due to the hands-on experience we were offered. The area captivated each and every one of us and I’m confident with everything that the trip has taught me, I will do extremely well in the Unit 2 exam.

– Tahmidur

A wonderful and an insightful field trip! The waves crashing right in front of us couldn’t explain a destructive wave any better. Ways to regenerate an area became evident and how an area like Boscombe fell into decline. Learning the different land uses and enjoying the view at the same time gave us a lifelong memory.

– Hafsa

Great journey with lots of enjoyable moments. The development of the region was quite simply inspiring and the journey produced great opportunities for broadened experiences. Big thank you to Ms Malik and Mr Sanhotra for making this possible.

– Adesoji

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