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A Level Results - Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre (The NCS)

78% A*-A

97% A*-B

99% A*-C

188 students earning at
least three A* / A grades

Over 100 offers for Medicine,
Dentistry, Oxbridge and Ivy League!

Our best ever A Level results!

It’s smiles all round as Newham Collegiate students achieve another record breaking set of A Level results

188 students earned at least three A / A* grades!

78% A*-A

97% A*-B

One of the best sixth forms in London for student outcomes.

This year’s NCS students will go on to study at the world’s best Ivy League and Russell Group universities – including Dartmouth College (USA), Princeton (USA), MIT (USA), Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, LSE, Imperial and King’s College London – ready and focussed to join some of the brightest minds around the world.

We all make beginnings everyday
Beginnings are
an action
Beginnings are
an attitude
Beginnings are
Below we celebrate the students who made a beginning with us two years ago.
“Beginning is not only a kind of action. It is also a frame of mind, a kind of work, an attitude, a consciousness.”
Edward W. Said
“Beginning is not only a kind of action. It is also a frame of mind, a kind of work, an attitude, a consciousness.”
Edward W. Said

Watch our students reading “The Light of Beginning” a poem by Nick Makoha based on the experiences of NCS students.

After beginning their journey with us two years ago, we’re delighted to share that this year’s cohort have once again achieved a superb set of A Level results which rivals some of the best and most prestigious independent and grammar schools in the country.  As the Good Schools Guide said:

“There is a real sense that the school is replicating many of the outstanding features of a private school education, providing its students with opportunities that would not necessarily be available in a normal state school.

– Good Schools Guide on The NCS

Delivering consistently outstanding A Level results is the mark of a world-class institution. That’s why we’re delighted to report that this year students have achieved 78% A*/A, 97% A*-B and 99% A*-C, with 188 students receiving at least three A* / A grades. 

For seven years in a row,  ALPS has ranked the NCS in the Top 1% of all state schools (including grammar schools) in the UK for student progress.  Simply put, this means NCS students achieve better A level results that 99% of all other schools when you compare students who have the same GCSE grades on entry.

This year’s cohort also celebrated a record number of offers for Ivy League universities, Oxbridge, Medicine and Dentistry, with 95% of students receiving an offer to study at a Russell Group University.  In addition, 10 students have offers for high profile degree apprenticeships from companies such KPMG, PWC and Dyson; offering bespoke internships, training and grants that will cover further education costs.

Why Did NCS Staff Choose Us For Their Child’s A Level Studies?


Staff at The NCS have a unique insight into what the day-to-day life inside our sixth form is actually like, more so than we could ever show you via this website or an open evening. We therefore felt it important that they shared with you the reasons why they chose us for their own child’s A Level studies.

During the ‘lockdown’ period, we held zoom calls with them to discover what they saw taking place at The NCS that meant they knew their children would thrive in The NCS environment.

Discover your light.

Begin your journey.

Our vision as educators is to inspire our students to go on to do what inspires them with a holistic education that is formed by a mix of academic enrichment, soft skills development and relevant/purposeful work placements. 

Scroll down to watch the student & alumni stories below that prove that the work we’re doing in our community is having a real impact in improving social mobility and the life chances of our students.

How we young men and women from East London
decided that we in all our colour and sizes
would be the hunger found in the seed of success
and the rhythm of hard work.
and the rhythm of hard work.

A2 & Alumni Student Stories

Reece didn’t know where his future could take him

At The NCS he found an underlying sense of ambition that propelled him to Oxford


Reece was searching for a place to develop his self-confidence and he found the environment to do just that at The NCS.  With his self-assuredness established, Reece joined our Emerging Talent Programme and explored different career paths that suited his interest, passion and skills.  He found teachers who believed in him, supported his dreams and provided the framework for him to succeed.

It’s hard to know exactly what you’d like to do with your life and that was a problem that Reece was discovering as he finished his GCSEs two years ago. He wanted a sixth form that would afford him space to explore different sectors and provide an academically rigorous A Level experience. He recognised this was all available due to our holistic education approach and so formed a strategy to try and apply for everything upon joining The NCS.

He discovered and used all our professional school services, making time for Engineering, Finance and Law opportunities. He found even the smallest moments of support were enriching and beyond what students would usually find in a conventional classroom – from work experience to life-changing teachers who would happily discuss their subjects and university advice outside of lessons – and he was grateful for it. Soon enough he found the finance sector spoke to him and with a newly acquired sense of ambition earned a place to study History & Economics at the University of Oxford, where Reece will continue his studies.

“The thing that they’ve done here that I didn’t expect – but is really powerful – is they make you feel this ambition and this sense that you can really achieve a lot if you work hard for it. They will support you to do that.”

[ Learn more about our Elite University Preparation ]
[ Learn more about our professional schools ]

Lyba knew in Year 9 that The NCS suited her intellectual curiosity

As a student here she also discovered we would guide her career choices


Having previously met NCS staff and students at her previous school, Lyba knew that The NCS was the sixth form she wanted to attend. When she attended our open evening she discovered a welcoming atmosphere as well as the passion our teachers have for their subject and the fun that could be had alongside hard work. Once studying here in Year 12, NCS Law School helped her to form an unexpected path to her chosen career.

Having joined NCS Law School, Lyba delved into all the guidance and opportunities afforded to her. During one work experience at a top London Law firm she arrived with eight of her fellow cohort and found every other student attending was from a different school. Where The NCS had found the opportunity and supported applications, all the other students had no guidance and found the placements by themselves. It was an eye-opening moment for her as to just how our holistic A Level education works. 

Lyba always knew the law was for her. But having explored several companies via workshops, experiences, shadowing and mentoring, she didn’t know if she wanted to commit to a full course at University. Again her NCS teachers helped her to find an alternative path, providing her with reassurance and helping her learn important life skills in embracing change. She’ll now continue studying Ancient and Modern History at the University of Oxford.

“Although the primary focus at The NCS is and I think will remain on academics, the encouragement to nurture your outside interest is always there. And I’m very glad they do that.”

[ Learn more about our Elite University Preparation ]

Vadin wants to use maths to have an impact on changing the world

The NCS provided the skills to unlock an Ivy League education to help meet that goal


Vadin had only one aim. To study mathematics at Oxbridge. It was his dream and he knew it would allow him to go on to help students from less privileged backgrounds in other parts of the world.  To realise his ambition, he joined the NCS for our Oxbridge Preparation Programme but soon saw our history of Ivy League success allowed him to widen his thinking and apply to an even more prestigious group of Universities.

The Elite University Preparation Programme at The NCS allows all students to gain the knowledge and skills to make the most of their talents. Whilst Vadin was preparing for Oxbridge, he also took some time to explore our Ivy League offering and spent time talking with our alumni who’ve graduated from and are currently attending these prestigious institutions in America. 

His thinking changed when he realised they were just like him. All of them are from the same area and have similar backgrounds. He then knew he could do it and changed his thinking to make full use of the preparation that we provided to students free of charge. An American specialist we work with provides full training on the USA SAT entrance exams and along with our mentoring help students apply their knowledge in a way that allows our students to successfully navigate the US application system and submit a competitive application. Along with a full $320,000 scholarship, Vadin will continue his studies at Dartmouth College in the USA with a huge financial investment in his future that will help him reach his aim.

“The calibre of teachers is extremely high here. The NCS looks for excellence and even if you aren’t excellent at whatever you do, you can become excellent here. You really can. And I am that student. I was never excellent.”

Amna was seeking a sixth form where she would flourish

At The NCS she gained vital confidence and leadership skills


Speaking to her friends at other sixth forms, Amna realised just how many more opportunities were presented to her as an NCS student. She discovered just how excellent and encouraging Newham Collegiate teachers are as they challenge and push student’s thinking.

When Amna was looking at sixth forms, she wanted to find somewhere that would let her grow into the person she knew she could become. At The NCS she had teachers who pushed her thinking, helping her to develop her views and understanding of the subjects that interested her in new areas beyond the classroom syllabus. Our holistic approach to A Levels also saw her develop her soft skills, helping her enhance her leadership competencies and develop her confidence to apply and secure the prestigious position of NCS Head Girl. Her time at The NCS will see her going on to study at the University of Cambridge in a subject that she discovered via all the critical thinking that we helped unlock.

“The NCS allowed me to develop my leadership skills, allowed me to practice public speaking, meet people, networking with people in both in terms of like academia and personal growth. I’ve had a lot of that at The NCS and I don’t think I would have gotten it elsewhere.”

Mutayyeb was looking for opportunities to help him decide his future

At The NCS he also found teachers who also inspired a passion for his subjects


Mutayyeb wanted a sixth form that would push him academically. He saw The NCS as not only the best place for that, but also where he would find the most opportunities to explore future careers. After he joined he also found teachers whose enthusiasm seeped through and turned a subject he was reluctant to take into one of the most enjoyable lessons in his timetable.

Immediately after joining, Mutayyeb took full advantage of our professional schools. He found the time to engage with our Medicine, Finance and Engineering Schools purely because he didn’t know what career to aim for in the future. At The NCS, students are afforded the freedom to explore what’s best for them and with the experience of all these sectors open to him, he decided his future should be in medicine. 

Mutayyeb will be continuing his studies in Biology at the University of Oxford. He nearly didn’t apply but his Oxbridge-educated teachers at The NCS recognised he was an ideal candidate who would flourish in such an environment. With their support via our weekly Oxbridge Supervision Sessions, he felt prepared to apply and having earned his place credits our work for providing the skill set to best communicate and engage with his passion for the subject.

“The NCS has really developed what I wanted to do because I had experts in my teachers around me who could help out. They’re always on hand.”

Praise to the girl who at
home is just a child but at
school became a leader
and in so doing also became
the road that leads us to
where you want to go.
Praise to the girl who at
home is just a child but at
school became a leader
and in so doing also became
the road that leads us to
where you want to go.
Praise to the girl who at
home is just a child but at
school became a leader
and in so doing also became
the road that leads us to
where you want to go.

Good Schools Guide

“For us, this is the real deal.”

– The Good Schools Guide delivers high praise for The NCS and its support of students

Earlier this year we were visited by the team from the Good Schools Guide, the notable publication that’s written by educational experts, for parents.

Below are a few quotes from their report on the work we’re doing to raise student ambitions and affect social mobility in our community.

“There is a real sense that the school is replicating many of the outstanding features of a private school education, providing its students with opportunities that would not necessarily be available in a normal state school.”

“If NCS continues to deliver in the way in which it has begun, it will be the standard bearer for a whole new generation of schools.”

“The staff (39 of them, two-thirds Oxbridge- educated themselves) are teaching right to the top end and clearly to great effect.”

“There was lots of relaxed interchange between teachers and students and plenty of smiles but, underneath it all, it was impossible not to recognise the deep ambition of everyone there.

“It’s a humane and imaginative society, as well as an academic powerhouse: a combination which should make a great many fee-paying schools sit up and take notice. For us, this is the real deal.

Key 2022 Statistics


of NCS students achieved A*-A grades at A Level0%

National average A*-B0%


of NCS students achieved A*-B grades at A Level0%

National average A*-B0%


% of NCS students achieved A*-C grades at A Level0%

National average A*-B0%


Students with Russell Group offers0%


100+ Medicine, Dentistry, Oxbridge and Ivy League offers


more than

188 students earning three A* / A grades


10 students on degree apprenticeship programmes (KPMG, PWC, Dyson, Morgan Stanley)

What ingredients help our students succeed?

We see the two years of A Level study as more than just learning a syllabus.

Our aim is to push, stretch, challenge and support our students as they investigate areas of interest, potential career paths and a deeper understanding of the subjects that they love.

There are many ways in which we accomplish this and our approach is tailored to each individual student. Some key components include:

Outstanding Teachers

Our greatest asset are our highly skilled, caring and supportive teachers who believe strongly in The NCS vision and are dedicated to ensuring our students are prepared for the challenges of the 21st century. Our outstanding results could not be achieved without the high quality, personalised learning and teaching that takes place on a daily basis, not to mention the regular and scheduled intervention classes ensuring that no NCS student is left behind. A number of Oxbridge graduates on our staff provide regular preparation sessions for University applications and interviews.

Elite University Preparation

The entire world of further education is open to all NCS students and we will provide you with the resources to explore choices and support you prepare the very best applications for university possible.

Our aim is to help and assist you to achieve your deserved next step. Whether that’s a Russell Group university, Oxbridge, an Ivy League education in the USA or work placement / industry programmes across the world, The NCS has the capacity and capabilities to help you realise your ambitions.

Professional Schools of Medicine, Engineering, Finance and Law

The NCS Med School was set up to provide a dedicated service to those students who aspire to study medicine, dentistry and veterinary science at some of the world’s leading universities.

With students securing over 100 medicine and dentistry offers every year, NCS Med School has quickly established a local and national reputation for supporting students with their applications.

Following these successes, we established similar professional schools for other popular career destinations: Engineering, Finance and Law. As with our Med School, these new services each have their own team of dedicated experts and are all ably led by a dedicated Director of Admissions. Discover more about each school by clicking on the buttons below.

Soft Skills and Industry Workshops

In today’s world it’s not enough to just have a set of amazing grades. To stand out from the crowd you need to be able to present yourself in a professional and articulate manner. We see it as vital that we develop students’ soft skills, confidence and critical thinking. To help us achieve this we work with industry partners to run workshops and masterclasses on important soft skills such as CV writing, presentation, team work and problem solving.

Emerging Talent Programme

Our students benefit immensely from our Emerging Talent Programme which has been created to give NCS students an insight into the career they have decided to pursue. It’s been designed in conjunction with industry and academic experts. The key areas it focusses on are Accountancy, Banking and Finance, Law, Engineering, Medicine and Dentistry.

Students will gain work experience amongst our pool of industry partners and receive mentoring from NCS mentors. Those interested in a career in medicine or dentistry will be guaranteed  experience in NHS hospitals and private practices given they have the qualifying grade profile.

In our student profiles above, you’ll notice how students speak of the programme helping to cement their choices for further study at university. Over the summer months some students have also taken part in unique all expenses paid trips. You can read reports on these experience by clicking the links below.

[Law work placement in Abu Dhabi – student report 2018]
[Science in Japan – student report]
[Humanities trip to the USA]

Code Breakers

The NCS Code Breakers Course teaches students the hidden social and corporate codes which exist in the elite professions without which entry to and success in is limited; it is the polish & etiquette that most schools and Sixth Forms overlook.

World Class Lectures

The NCS is privileged to be able to welcome high profile guest speakers from the world of academia and industry to share their knowledge and experiences with NCS students as part of our promise to provide students with a holistic and well-rounded education. 

Our students are routinely exposed to the latest thinking and discourse from a range of different areas, ranging from political philosophy to science of the brain. Our lecture programme has been designed to enhance our super curriculum and provide our students with an alternative perspective to some of the material they have been exposed to during their lessons, giving them a depth and breadth of knowledge beyond A level studies.

Technology for Learning

Every student at The NCS receives an iPad as a core tool to aid their learning. With each device comes the majority of study textbooks, full course outlines, documents and tasks set for lessons and for further study. Students are able to interact with their live lessons to ensure that their learning is personalised to them, gaining the most from their teachers with support for extra material to help stretch understanding beyond the syllabus.

You can watch a video about our use of technology and hear the students talking about their experiences by clicking the button below.

The NCS Vision
The NCS Vision guides everything we do.
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